I don’t think either one of them realized that their whole life would change the very moment they swiped right. Who knew that so much healing, gratitude, joy, and love could ever spring from such a small action? But that is precisely what happened for Stephanie and Landon and was the small beginning of an incredibly beautiful life together.

I have known Aaron almost my whole life!! He grew up next to me and I used to babysit him and his little sister all the time! I have been surprised many times over the course of the last few months at how amazing of a man he has grown to be, and also that he’s getting married and KISSES a girl!!! Because, in my mind, he’s still only like 5!!!

They danced along parallel paths for what may have felt far too long, but as with any love story, it was exactly as long as it needed to be. Two hearts carefully being prepared for the day that they could and would be willing to become one….

It was New Years Eve, five years ago, when two high school sweethearts shared their first kiss. It was supposed to be something romantic like this one, up in the mountains, but they couldn’t quite make it up in time so in a shopping center parking lot it was. And that was just the start of something more amazing than either of them could have really known at the time…

Lauren and Nick’s engagement session with the beautiful blossoms at the Utah State Capitol was a dream come true, and not just because of all of the gorgeous blossoms! Nick’s dad had been plotting his son’s marriage to Lauren for quite some time. He’d often tell Lauren that he wanted her to date his son once he came back from church service mission. However, Lauren had her own plans…

If I had to think of just one thing that I absolutely loved about Chris and Abbey, it would hands-down be how much they laugh. Over the years I’ve spent a long time thinking about what kinds of brides I want to work with and my number one attribute has been joyous couples. People that love to smile and laugh!! And it’s the most kind of beautiful when those couples find me because we then get to make all the magic happen!!

If you’re reading this post, most likely you either have a ring on your finger and you can hardly breathe, or it’s just around the corner and it’s like the Christmas morning you’ve waited for your whole life!! You might already be feeling overwhelmed by all the wedding planning that just all the sudden got put on your to-do list! But the good news is that you don’t have to do everything all at once!! Set everything aside for now except these five simple tasks.

It was just over two years ago that I was photographing Megan and Alex’s winter wedding. I still remember the day like it was yesterday! It rained, sleeted, and snowed that day. Definitely not our favorite weather. I just remember how grateful we all felt that we…




I strive to capture photographs that feel authentically you–and they should be more than an everyday snapshot. Being photographed can be a dance between who you are and the dressed-up version of who you want to be. As a mama of four littles and a bride before that, I’ve been in your shoes before. Here’s my question to you: 

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