Once a year for just a few weeks, our beautiful Wasatch mountains are covered with vibrant yellow wild flowers making it the perfect location for a Utah mountains summer formals session!! The landscape didn’t just make beautiful photographs, it made a beautiful experience for my couple! During the whole session, Maren and Tristan were in awe of the rolling hills covered in lush greens and patches of yellow. And, of course, we are there during the most beautiful time of day when everything glows as the sun sets.

With just a week away from their wedding day, Paige and Hunter came along with me up the mountains again for their winter wedding formals! After their engagements up Big Cottonwood, Paige fell in love with the majesty of the towering pines and steep mountain slopes.

Keely and Bryce’s Utah State Capitol formals session was a bitter-sweet moment for me. Not just bitter because of the biting wind and bitter cold, but because it was a signal that our time together was quickly coming to a close…

Utah Summer Bridals Utah summer bridals are one of my most favorite things!! The air is so warm, the light is completely golden, the grass is long, and everything is just so beautifully green!! This particular formals/first look/bridal session was one of the more unique session I’ve had. When Covid hit, they pulled the trigger […]

I almost feel like time isn’t fair. It’s slow when you want it to be fast, and too fast when you want it to be slow. This is one of those times where it’s just been too fast!! It only seems like yesterday that I was laughing with Abbey and Cris over our first call together…

Shifting his weight nervously from leg to leg, unsure of what to do with his hands, Davin waited semi impatiently as Monika made her way towards him. And with the touch of her hand on his shoulder, he turned around. It was as if there were several emotions competing for the stage…

Jeremy stood there, his back to his bride-to-be. His knees were probably trembling. His eyes were closed. His heart was pounding. He inhaled and exhaled slowly, attempting to calm all the excitement and anticipation that felt as if it were going to make his heart burst…

Most couples do a first look or first something, but this time it was a first for me: no looking!! Markanthony is a very traditional kind of groom and the first time he ever wants to see his bride on his wedding day, which just barely passed so now I can show you these formals that I’ve been dying to share!!




I strive to capture photographs that feel authentically you–and they should be more than an everyday snapshot. Being photographed can be a dance between who you are and the dressed-up version of who you want to be. As a mama of four littles and a bride before that, I’ve been in your shoes before. Here’s my question to you: 

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